What We Do?

We create user-friendly applications for web, mobile, and IoT-connected devices. Our team specializes in developing digital solutions on a global level, creating experiences that help businesses grow.

We are committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction through our following skilled services.

Web Applications

Our default approach involves building responsive designs for all our web applications.

Mobile Applications

Our team is proficient in building cross-platform native mobile apps with Flutter - an open-source UI development kit created by Google.

Design & UX

We begin by designing the prototypes of the final product and testing them in real-time to gather inputs and reliable user feedback.

Digital Marketing

Our team possesses extensive knowledge of various social media platforms and can assist in generating interest among your target audience.

Content Writing

Our team specializes in crafting search engine optimized web content that ensures our clients are easily found on the World Wide Web.

Healthcare Marketing

We specialize in assisting healthcare brands in enhancing their communication and expanding their brand presence.

Business Process

Creating digital leadership

New Age Digital Media

Breynee has transformed the operations of various organizations in the fields such as publishing, broadcast, entertainment, sports, advertising, education, and information. Our comprehensive services consistently provide streamlined and flexible solutions that facilitate a modern digital user experience, cost efficiency, and innovative business models. Social media has brought about greater transparency in the performance of companies and products. Customers can easily compare prices and review performances with a simple click. Combined with increased competition, this necessitates that Process Excellence initiatives become more customer-centric. We have taken a proactive approach in recognizing this demand and ensuring that our value-adds lead to end-user satisfaction.

Education is going digital.

The pandemic and its repercussions on education have highlighted the necessity of a digital infrastructure and approach to education to ensure its continuity and sustainability. Online and remote learning are becoming increasingly important. Breynee facilitates uninterrupted learning through rapid, consistent, and intelligent content design, migration, and curation for efficient online and digital learning with minimal time-to-market. Breynee leverages its established expertise and capabilities in content management, human resource management, finance and accounting, student and faculty support throughout the student life cycle, as well as administrative and marketing services to assist educational institutions.

Healthier Future Through Innovative Technology

We implement technology solutions for delivering superior patient outcomes. Our clients, analysts, and advisors unanimously acknowledge that Breynee's exceptional integration of world-class technology platforms leads to patient satisfaction that surpasses our competitors. Businesses must formulate their own tactics for establishing sustainable engagement with the consumers by outlining guidelines for online interactions and messaging. An efficient social media framework will enable them to establish a strategic pharmacovigilance practice that is less reactive, resource-intensive, or process-heavy. This will enable them to become a proactive advocate for patient safety. By doing so, they can prepare themselves for the future when regulatory agencies may require social media policies to be in place.

Digital-first approach to power transformation of end-to-end operations.

Breynee offers effective solutions to enhance customer service operations and address supply chain, warehouse, distribution, and last mile issues in a cost-efficient manner. Breynee has been catering solutions for travel, transportation, hospitality, and logistics companies. Our range of solutions covers the core and non-core functions, providing sustainable customer relationships, enhanced operational efficiencies, and transformation through new technologies. Breynee provides comprehensive solutions to enhance business scalability and sustainability via automated technology solutions and domain expertise.

Ensuring internet safety through the utilization of technology and human expertise.

'Content is King' holds true as research after research has shown that the social media 'infodemic' has been a significant factor in contributing to psychological distress. In fact, a medical journal noted that 'misleading and dangerous health-related content is being disseminated at a faster rate than the actual disease.' User-generated content (UGC) is receiving negative publicity and necessitates professional moderation. Breynee's cyber safety team is working hard in the development of AI-based fake news detection and prevention solutions.

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