Leveraging our 20 years of experience in the software development, modernizing legacy systems, API integration and consolidating product portfolios. We help various companies on legacy application modernization. Hire our dedicated team to build a legacy solution with latest tools and technologies. 

Various phases of our SDLC methodology are Planning, Designing, Defining, Building, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. Languages we use are C#, Java, PHP, Python, Objective C, Swift and Kotlin. We implement Frameworks like  .Net, Laravel, Hibernate, Firebase and NodeJs. In Mobile development we use iOS, Android, React, Xamarin, HTML5 and JavaScript. In Front-end, we implement WebGL and Angular. Databases we implement are NoSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle. In Cloud we exercise Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We engage best development methodologies and ensure high quality and reliable software solutions.

Our offer mobile app development services with a full cycle of application design, integration and management.  We do testing at all phases to maintain the quality from concept to delivery. With our decades of experience in mobile app development, we build solutions that helps our client on expanding their business.

We create native, hybrid and embedded mobile solutions. We have experienced professionals to deliver stable and scalable mobile solutions. We work on various verticals like healthcare, e-commerce, hospitality, logistics, etc.

We offer manual and automated testing services for the web, mobile and stand alone applications. Various levels of our software testing services are Automated testing, API testing, Integration testing, System testing and Acceptance Testing.

Various types of our software testing services are Functional testing, Features testing, End-to-end testing and Functional automated testing. Our Non-functional testing includes Performance testing, Usability testing, Installation testing, Configuration testing and Security testing.  We ensure error-free product which meets your business objectives and requirements. 

The success of the business now totally depends on the software which align with your business strategy. Our experts study and understand your existing software solutions thoroughly and choose the right technologies to deliver advanced software solutions.

We plan the implementation strategy  and technology based on the business and industry. We implement Cloud computing, Augmented Reality solutions, Artificial Intelligence predictive models, IoT solutions, Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions. 

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